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If you have to cancel your holiday because of the coronavirus, you can do so until the day prior to arrival and we will refund your payment. Click here for more details and conditions.
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After such a difficult year you deserve a real holiday, more than ever.

Here you will find information to plan a safe and peaceful holiday.

Outdoor holidays, the safest option.

With our nice weather and the magnificent 300 m beach by the campsite, at Camping el Pinar you can spend your holidays in the open air. Even our restaurant is a spacious open-air terrace under a pine tree canopy, with awnings and a nice sea breeze.

The plots are spacious. The 300 m of beach, which are accessed directly from any point on the campsite, allow you to choose the best time and place to enjoy the sea, without crowds and with tranquility.

Our accommodations are fully equipped, allowing a holiday at your ease and as independent as you please. A professional cleaning and disinfection provide the maximum sanitization guarantees. In 2020 we implemented efficient sanitary protocols and obtained the Safe Tourism Certification. Thanks to this, our guests enjoyed the beach and the holidays in a safe environment.

With this know how we face the 2021 season.

Covid guarantee for cancellations.

We want to make it easy for you to book the most convenient dates and options, but with guarantees.

All reservations for holiday stays in 2021 benefit from a Covid19 cancellation guarantee with no need to request it. The guarantee covers cancellations due to collective health measures enforced to face Covid-19. These are the cases covered by the guarantee:

- COVID-19-related lockdown in your area of residence origin on the dates of your reservation, or travel restrictions preventing you to come to Camping el Pinar.

- Border closure due to COVID-19 on the dates of your reservation.

- Local lockdown in the campsite region requiring quarantine.

In such cases you can cancel your reservation until the day of your arrival with no charge.

Requests shall be sent by email and must include a copy or link to the appropriate official documents issued by the authorities to dictate restrictions.

This guarantee does not apply for cancellations due to personal convenience. In such situations our General Terms and Conditions of Booking will apply.

Health Safety protocols

-In principle, the measures adopted in 2020 remain in force. Their effectiveness is endorsed by the successful outcome of the 2020 season in which we did not have any COVID-19 related health issue. 

In any case, our health safety protocol might change to follow the guidelines and recommendations of the health authorities. We will update the information on our web site.

Hereby we provide such measures in more detail:



  • There will be a gel dispenser at the entrance.
  • The number of people who can be attended simultaneously will be limited.
  • An envelope will be delivered with everything you need for your stay (keys, controls, bracelets ...) and the water / electricity connections will be disinfected by maintenance staff.
  • Outside the reception there will be a waiting area. The reception staff will regulate the orderly entry of guests.
  • Mandatory use of the mask.
  • Outside the reception there will be a waiting area with benches. The reception staff will regulate the orderly entry of guests.
  • A protective screen has been installed on the reception counter to ensure comfort and security in the relationship between the receptionists and our guests.
  • All information brochures and the book service provided are deleted. All tourist information will be provided through our website.
  • Online payment, credit card and contactless electronic methods are encouraged, this will be applicable to all the services of the campsite.

  • There will be a gel dispenser at the entrance.
  • The kitchen staff and waiters in the restaurant will wear a mask.
  • The terrace will be expanded so that there are more tables and that the tables are more spaced.
  • The terrace will be delimited.
  • The use of the bar is allowed while maintaining the safety distance.
  • Every time there is a shift of customers at a table, the chairs and the table will be cleaned. The table linen will be single use.
  • To occupy a table, you will have to wait for the authorization of the terrace manager to ensure that everything is in order.
  • The menu will be displayed for all the costumers at various points on the terrace.
  • Products such as oil, salt, sauces, ... will be single-dose
  • The menu will be limited, but our cuisine will continue to be its own, healthy and delicious and, most importantly, prepared at the time of order.
  • The Take Away service will be especially encouraged, there will be a safe delivery place at the bar counter.
  • At the table, you do not have to wear a mask while sitting, but it is mandatory to wear a mask once you get up, either to go to the bar or to the toilets.


  • There will be a gel dispenser at the entrance.
  • In the supermarket, since it is a limited and closed space, the use of face masks and gel will be compulsory at the time of entering. In the self-service fruit area, the use of gloves will be mandatory.
  • At peak times, supermarket staff will regulate the gradual entry of users into the supermarket.
  • You will have marked a route to facilitate the purchase and to be able to keep your distance.
  • There is an entrance door and an exit door.
  • A waiting area with banks will be enabled outside.
  • Mandatory use of the mask


  • There will be a gel dispenser at the entrance.
  • The recommendation of the health authorities is to do a minimum of six cleanings a day.
  • We can proudly say that our standard regarding cleanliness has always been above.
  • In high season, we have always tried to have a cleaning person from 8 in the morning until 8 in the afternoon continuously cleaning.
  • The cleaning products used have always been approved to ensure total disinfection.
  • The cleaning staff will ensure that people do not wait their turn standing in the hallways of showers or toilets and that they use the outdoor spaces with benches.
  • Sinks will ensure the minimum distance of two meters, some will remain closed.
  • Bins with non-manual operation will be available
  • Mandatory use of the mask



  • Our guests with comfort and comfort plus pitches will be encouraged to use the water supply and greywater drain on their pitches to clean the dishes.
  • Remember that, at the moment, 80% of the pitches of our campsite have this service.
  • Our dishwashing spots are very airy, new and clean spaces. But to ensure the two-meter distance, out of every two sinks only one will work.
  • There will also be an outside bank area to wait.
  • Mandatory use of the mask


  • There will be a gel dispenser at the entrance.
  • The laundry capacity is 2 people.
  • There will be benches outside to wait for the turn and ensure distance. 
  • Mandatory use of the mask



  • Camping el Pinar always performs the final cleaning of its accommodations to ensure optimal results.
  • Our protocol now incorporates one more level after ordinary cleaning and it is disinfection with virucidal products and authorized disinfectants, harmless to people.
  • For all this, the entrance to our accommodations will be at 5 pm.
  • At the time of leaving the accommodation, guests will have to deposit all the sheets and towels in two closed bags that will be supplied and leave them at the entrance of the accommodation.



  • Chlorinated pool water and ultraviolet rays from the sun offer the best level of safety.
  • Always follow the instructions and advice of the staff and lifeguards and the general regulations of the swimming pool that are exposed in the posters.
  • The hammocks will be fixed two by two, so that between each pair of them there is a minimum of two meters of distance.
  • Every time there is a change of users in the hammocks, the pool staff will disinfect them with a spray.
  • Before using a hammock, pool users will have to ask pool staff to ensure everything is correct.
  • It will not be allowed to use the space between the groups of hammocks with towels.
  • Groups of more than two people or families can use a space on the lawn using their towels. The lifeguard will supervise that the distance of two meters is respected.
  • The pool capacity will be controlled



  • It is the most airy and sunny place in the entire campsite and, therefore, also the safest.
  • On the beach it is the city council that regulates. In any case, the norm of use, in addition to the usual ones, includes respecting the minimum distance of two meters between family groups.
  • Fortunately, the storm Gloria on February doubled the sand surface at some points. Furthermore, our beach is one of the calmest on the entire Costa Brava.



  • This season the collaboration of all guests with our staff will be very important to ensure proper compliance with the regulations. And, specially, in the limitation of access to the camping of outsiders.
  • Guests will always have to wear in a clearly visible place, preferably the wrist, the bracelet that identifies them as a camping guest.
  • Visits are not allowed

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